Truck Parking

Parking Lot Features

  • Parking available on Concrete or Asphalt Millings.
  • 1,500 parking spots currently rented with 200 open spots available for every size vehicle.
  • Option to lease by the acre instead of by the spot.
  • 20 acres leased for truck parking with 30 acres available.
  • Truck Wash located on site.
  • 3 separate mechanic shops on site in brand new building.
  • Access to individual Bathrooms/Showers, 24 hour access.
  • We have spots for tractors and trailers, and tractors only.
  • Located adjacent to future Truck Stop coming fall 2016.
  • Lighting throughout parking lot.
  • Blocks available to ensure trailer doors can’t be opened.

Lot Specifics

  • Patrolled by security personnel.
  • Video camera surveillance.
  • Parking spots are all dedicated.
  • Parking spots are 13’ wide.
  • Access roads and all aisles are 100’ wide.
  • Snow Removal team dedicated solely to this site to ensure quick clean up after storms.
Building Availability

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